About us

About us


is a Boat building Company located in Thailand, conducted by the Architect Luigi Innamorati, an experienced Italian Boat Builder. At ANDAMAN BOATYARD, we offer you high quality products at very competitive prices.Also, we are able to keep track of the building of your boat (power catamarans, gozzo, sailing boat or every other kind of vessel), starting from the drawings up to the final product. The yard personnel is composed of experienced local boat builders and supervised directly by the manager. Thanks to the generally low cost of boat manufacturing in Asia we can keep our prices at a very reasonable level.Our services aim as well to the individual looking to buy a quality product at an affordable price as well as to boat dealers, eager to take advantage of our very competitive terms. Quality at the highest level standards is our credo and thus all our production complies with ISO Small Boat Standards. Besides, we offer CE inspection and certification by the IMCI – International Marine Certification Institute. IMCI – International Marine Certification Institute

We offer custom boat building services as well as production services as subcontractor for European and US brands, builders and brokers.

As boat builder, we also have our own line of production and semi custom boats and yachts that can be built, fitted and finished following the customers desires. Each plan may be discussed at any time with the builder and modified if necessary to fulfill unforeseen requirements without driving up costs unreasonably.We offer several plans and designer services from Italian, US and Thailand based naval designers and yachts designer firms.

Andaman Boatyard Catamaran builder

Andaman boatyard is a serial catamaran builder, with several serial power catamaran production models to choose from.


Why build your boat in Asia with us

Boat building in Asia today is really cheaper than in Western countries, due to the low labor and shipyard costs.We have probably one of the best cost-quality ratios in the world.Whether you are a builder or a broker involved in boat marketing, we can assure you to lower your production costs and increase the quality at the same time.You can expect a high quality product at a very good price.esides low labor and shipyard costs, many materials are cheaper due to advantageous tax laws and to the fact that today many modern high tech materials are produced in Asia and can be easily purchased directly from the manufacturers.Basic materials and fittings are a fraction of Western prices.Wood for interior and finishing is still available at reasonable prices and our teak is of the best worldwide quality.

Our factory is located at the south end of Jomtien Beach, 8 km south from the touristic city of Pattaya on the Eastern Seaboard of Thailand.Pattaya and its surrounding districts are the centre of boat building on the East Coast and offer a lot of highly skilled workers and material sources.Because of the number of boat builders in this area, the major suppliers have established outlets to ensure a ready supply of raw materials.

Andaman Boatyard factory is placed on 2,500 square meters of own property land, next to the Jomtien Yacht Club 1 with direct access to the water, suitable for small vessels under 30 ft and just 3 km away from the Ocean Marina, a mayor touristic marina, capable to dock large yachts of over 100 ft.The near highway Sukhumvit Road provides unrestricted access to the Laem Chabang Port, which is the Thailand?s major export port. The distance to this port is approximately 30 kilometers.

Our main factory shed it is composed of a 80 m per 20 m main building facility and a 20 m per 20 m lamination facility with controlled climate laminating room. Two separate workshop sheds of 120 m2 each provide a wood work and carpentry section and a stainless steel and metal fabrication section. A large office and two material and equipment storage areas are located on mezzanine floors. Our philosophy is to complete as much of the total manufacturing process as possible ?in house? to ensure adequate quality controls. Woodworks, metalworks, fiberglass and tooling: everything under the same roof. However, some system constructions such as electrical and plumping systems, are outsourced to experienced companies to ensure CE and ABS standards requirements.