Power Fishing Catamaran STC 7.90




Length of hull, LH, m 7.92
Length of waterline, LWL, m 6.68
Beam of hull, BH, m 2.57
Beam of waterline, BWL, m 0.81
Beam of chine, BC, m 0.72
Beam between centres of buoyancy, BCB, m 0.91
Hull canoe body draught, Tc, m 0.49
Maximum draught, TMAX, m 0.36
Forward, FF, m 1.10
Midship, FM, m 1.15
AFT, FA, m 0.35
Volume, V, m3 2.24
Weight, DISPL, kg 2300
Immersion, q, kg/cm 92.1
Waterplane area, m2 8.97
Wetted area, m2 17.11
Block, CB 0.280
Waterplane area, CWP 0.562
Midsection area, CM 0.400
Prismatic, CP 0.703
Longitudinal center of buoyancy, LCB/LWL 0.415
Dynamic parameters
Displacement to length ratio (British), DLR 215
Relative length, LWL/V 1/3 4.05
Deadrise at midships, degree 25.0
Deadrise at transom, degree 23.0
Static load factor C 0.75

The new STC 7.90 Express catamaran is a real sport-fishing fast and extreme machine.

Completely designed by CAD and with tooling built by CNC cutting machines, the construction has began in high tech composites with sandwich laminate using honeycomb polypropylene core and solid rugged bottom lightened by insertion of Coremat mat bulk.

Is powered by two last generation 150 hp four stroke engines.

The STC 7.90 is the serious boat for the serious fisherman but it is also designed looking at comfort, convenience and protection from the elements.

Below, this 26-footer extreme provides a spacious, efficient cuddy cabin.

Cruise fast to the islands! The STC 7.90 offers great versatility and guarantees a great ride!Can accommodate a queen berth and electric marine head with holding tank. Other standard features include a plush interior, as well as vanity sink and storage compartments.

Rated for twin 150 hp engines that deliver top speeds of 60-68 Km/Hr and a range of over 500 kilometres, depending on load and options.

On cockpit all necessary storages for all equipments and your gear, rods and reels the STC 7.90 will be your home on the water.

The ultimate extreme stylish and functional sport fishing cabin machine.

CNC – Computer Numerical Control
All mould realized by CNC cutting machine direct from 3D model, here in the pictures panel developments.