Gallery Construction

With her impeccable hull lines, exceptional long range, with a spacious and comfortable interior, we have made the ANDAMAN BOATYARD AB50 the indisputable reference for cruising catamarans.
We have incorporated the very latest technology to ensure ease of maneuverability, minimal fuel consumption and increased levels of comfort in operation.
Attractive, seaworthy and designed for life at sea, the ANDAMAN BOATYARD AB50 will carry you safely to many destinations.

The huge saloon of the ANDAMAN BOATYARD AB50 will seduce you immediately. The refined design of the furnishings enhances the extensive living space and ensures a magnificent panoramic outside view. Multiple layout options available to you will enable you to make this catamaran your own!
Outside; the spacious AFT deck area is a natural extension of the saloon with natural shade from the flybridge, this gives for a perfect area to relax in whilst the fresh sea breeze refreshes you. To the bow of the catamaran gives for a spacious area which can be designed in several layouts to suit your requirement, whether it be for absorbing the sun or an extra seating area. The easily accessible fly bridge offers unsurpassed views, and is an ideal space for entertaining and relaxing with family and friends.

The hulls of the ANDAMAN BOATYARD AB50 are optimized to reduce drag and provide maximum longitudinal and transverse stability.
With her very low fuel consumption; 40 % less than a mono-hull boat of equivalent size due to less surface area of the hull running in the water, hence less drag. The Fuel Cells can be arranged and sized depending on your requirement and use, whether it is for long range cruises or short island sightseeing.

As with every project at ANDAMAN BOATYARD there are several options and layouts available and the AB50 is just the same. We can offer up to a 4 cabin layout with 2 bathrooms and custom solutions are provided for you in a bespoke program with our designer.

What will your AB50 dream be…?