The Madaket 19 (21.5)

is a traditionally styled yet modern boat offering both elegant looks and exceptional performance. With its thirty two year old design that has been refined year over year into the timeless gem it is today. Construction is of the highest quality and incorporates a complete composite stiffening system. Each boat is precisely built and beautifully appointed with the finest teak, solid bronze and solid brass elements.
As you can see the Madaket 19 (21.5) has refined, sleek and classic lines. Through and through it is built from the finest composites, and its hull design incorporates step tabulators. Since 1974 the steps that are being used on the Madaket 19/21’ are the same style steps we are using today, they offer over 20% better performance and as you see today almost all boat companies are using them. They do what trim tabs are designed to do yet they do not create the drag trim tabs do, they break wetted surface tension and create a more level angle of attack to the water also designed to create lift thus increasing speed. The result is a softer ride with higher speed potential and improved fuel economy.
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Overall Length 21 ft
Overall Width 7′ 8″
Overall Height 1.35 m
Draft 0.2 m
Weight 400 kg
Max passengers 6 persons
Engine Outboard motor from 90hp to 150 hpl
Max Speed 35 Knots
Cruising Speed 18 Knots
CE Certification CategoryC