The other gozzos of this dimension, have just lockers under the deck because or there is no access or there is not enough space.
We have designed a new concept that transform this small boat in a sort of Sea Caravan or Tent if you like, with hatches that can be opened sliding laterally, a small toilet and a cocktop.
So also the poorest boatmen, owning this cheap vessel, have the possibility of use it during the night as a shelter, or as Weekend Boat for a trip on an island, briefly, a Camping Boat.


Overall Length 6.40m
Overall Width 2.20m
Overall Height 1.25m
Draft 0.50m
Weight 1,000kg
Max passengers 6-8 up to 12
Engine Inboard diesel engine Yanmar 9 to 38 hp or similar brand,electrical drive or Hybrid drive
Max Speed 10 Knots
Cruising Speed 8 Knots
CE Certification CategoryC