Gozzo Avant Garde 8.79




Length F.T. mt. 9.50
Hull Length mt. 8.79
Max Width mt. 3.30
Immersion mt. 0.80
Displacement at full loading tonn 4.7
Standard Motorizations in line FNM 2×190 HP
Other motorization available Nanni, Volvo Penta, Yanmar
Fuel Capacity Lt. 2×200
Fresh Water Capacity Lt. 150
Waste Water Capacity (Optional) Lt. 40
Max People 8
Building Materials VTR/Valuable Woods
CE Certification Category B
Certificating Organization IMCI – RINA

This boat breaks the classical schemes, sometimes heavy, of this kind of Italian vessel with a new, elegant and engaging design classical-contemporary of incomparable character.

The Avant-Garde 8,79 open cruiser represents the tradition in the classic general line of the Italian gozzo and modernity in the contemporary harmony of all curves of the shape.

The large deck? makes it ideal for those who wish to live the sea with simplicity.

A model with discrete charm and equipped with a lot of technology, ideal for who looks at the past with nostalgia.

Our Gozzo has a semi-planning bottom with an open-bow keel that makes sailing extremely pleasant, as the boat no longer rides the waves like in all full planning hulls but instead cuts them apart, staying fully in balance and picking up speed smoothly and without any jolts.

The Avant-Garde is a boat that allows you to face the sea even when the other boats are moored in the harbor waiting for the weather to clear, is the boat? that embodies the perfect balance between livability and simplicity.

All the spaces are specifically studied so that the sea can be experienced in complete comfort.

Featuring all the comforts, along with technology and a retro look, it is the right combination between practicality and form to live the sea in a convenient and comfortable manner, always.

The boat features a large and traditional deck, enhanced by a small but comfortable bow round transom sofa that can also be used while sailing.

The interiors are made of precious teak wood that grants this model a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Ideal for small coastal cruises and for endless days at the sea.

The standard equipment is already complete, but the customizing possibilities are infinite. ?In the interior and exterior finishing is used only high grade quarter sawn Burmese teak wood from timber trees at least 75 years old.