This is the all new design from Andaman Boatyard the AB40 Shuttle Catamaran. Designed specifically for the transportation and charter market, you can see from the design this catamaran focus is on space utilization and fuel efficiency and thus long range.

With a large 1000ltr fuel capacity this catamaran has potential for many charter and passenger transportation functions, whether it be on sea, lakes or rivers and with capabilities of 30knots fully loaded you’re are sure to deliver exceeding expectations.
The AB40 will carry up to 40 seated passengers comfortably and, the 2 bathrooms ensures comfort whilst traveling. There are also options for bicycle racks, and/or luggage storage depending on the client’s requirements and use for the Catamaran.

Get your business moving with the all new AB40 Shuttle Catamaran, contact Andaman Boatyard today, info@andamanboatyard.com


Parameter Symbol Unit Value
Maximum length (with platform) LMax m 12.00-11.61
Length of hull LH m 11.59-12.20
Legth of waterline (at DWL) LWL m 11.02-11.43
Maximum beam BMAX m 5.54
Beam of hull BH m 5.48
Depth 0.85
Maximum depth DMAX m 2.55
Midship depth DLWL/2 m 2.38
Freeboard (at DWL)
Freeboard forward FF m 1.81
Freeboard midship FM m 1.70
Freeboard aft FA m 0.64
Canoe body draught (at DWL) Tc m 0.70
Minimum draught (LCC displacement) TMIN m 0.98
Maximum draught (LDC displacement) TMax m 1.24
Headroom in saloon m 2005
Air draught (at DWL ,excluding antenna) HA m 5.19
Volume disolacement (at DWL) VD m3 11.67
Light craft condition mass (LCC) mLCC kg 8300
Mass of craft at minimum operation condition (MOC) mMOC kg 8800
Loaded craft mass (LDC) mLDCC kg 12000
Maximum load mMTL kg 5000
Immersion (at DWL) kg/cm 375
Number of engines 2
Model Mercury 300 EFI
Maximum power at crankshaft KW-HP 224-300
Maximum speed of crankshaft RPM 5800-6400
Dry weight with out gearbox kg 290
Maximum design speed (minimum operation condition) kts 29-30*
Maximum design speed (loaded craft) kts 20*
Recommended cruising speed kts 17-18*
Fuel L 1000
Water L 800
Waste L 400
Crew 2
Passengers up to 40 on seats
Cofficients and parameters (at DWL)*
Block coefficient CB 0.569
Midship section area coefficient CM 0.731
Waterplane area coefficient CWP 0.865
Prismatic coefficient CP 0.778
Longitudinal center of buoyancy LCB/LWL 0.416
Length to diratio LWL/VD1/3 4.858
Displacement to length ratio DLR 249.09
Static load factor CD 0.738
Deadrise midships bM degrees 17
LDeadrise at transom bTR degrees 12
Length to diratio LWL/VD1/3 5.893
Displacement to length ratio DLR 140.86
Category B’offshore